Stress Reduction Self-Hypnosis

Stress Reduction Self-Hypnosis
by Robert Pargament

It’s no secret that these are stressful times. The economy of course is the biggest stressor of all. As each of us opens our retirement fund statements ( for those who are brave enough to do so) we might feel a sinking feeling that drops as quickly as our assets do.

Stress is our worst enemy. Beyond the effect of despair, it can provide dangerous physical reactions such as the release of stress hormones that can impede the body’s natural ability to fight disease and to heal itself when necessary. Heart rate and blood pressure are of course adversely affected by stressful moments, and these times are more than just moments. We are living through an era of stress.

So what can one do to manage and even reverse the effects of this anxiety?

Here’s some good news for a change. Hypnosis is the antidote to stress. By simply taking fifteen minutes to do a little self hypnosis we can “decompress” into a clearer and more focused frame of mind that can last all day or even longer. There are a number of ways we can enter this state of profound relaxation: Practice of this makes perfect. You will improve each time you do this. Here’s how to do self-hypnosis: Sit in a comfortable chair and relax away as much body tension as you can for the moment. Begin circular deep breathing. That is done by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. The flow of oxygen and the steady rhythmic sound of breathing relaxes us. Pay attention to the sound of your breath. Let it sound smooth and silky. As you do this gently focus your eyes (lids closed) to a point at the bridge of the nose. This initiates a state of mind that allows us to stop thinking.

Turn your palms upward and gently loop your thumb on each hand with your middle or pointer finger. Soon you might notice a “buzzy” feeling in your upturned palms. That’s good because you are synchronizing both sides of the brain and beginning the process of internal harmonizing. You can add to the feeling of relaxation by slowly counting backwards with the intent of letting go of the numbers and letting them disappear from your conscious thinking. The point of self hypnosis is to clear the thinking mind and allow the blank screen of the subconscious or inner mind to surface. As the mind becomes quieter, start bringing up images of a peaceful scene, perhaps a beach or sitting on a grassy hill that overlooks a beautiful meadow. If you wish to quit smoking for example see yourself as a smoke free person, exercising or if you wish to lose weight, imagine how you look slimmed down while slowly eating healthy small meals.

So the next time one of those statements arrives in the mail, sit back, relax and close your eyes…

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Bob Pargament, CH
The Westchester Hypnosis Center