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Volunteerism Sometimes there are things you can do to feel better that have nothing to do with hypnosis, EFT or any of the techniques I employ at Westchester Hypnosis. When we are frustrated, sad, or experiencing any negative emotion, we are turning our emotions and attention inward so it is only natural that we can improve our mindset by directing our thoughts outward.

Recently, along with my two sons, we had the privilege of volunteering at an Easter party at Ronald McDonald House in Manhattan. One of my clients who does a great deal of humanitarian work, told me of this opportunity to help at an Easter Sunday party.

Ronald McDonald House is a beautiful facility on East 73rd street that is dedicated to providing affordable housing to families who bring their children to New York for cancer treatment. That way the entire family can affordably remain together to support the child and one another.

Seeing these brave young kids, smiling in spite of the effects of chemo and in many cases , surgery really opens the eyes so that we can look without and not so much within. I can tell you that the experience gave us perspective on what we sometimes worry about, and it truly lifted us.

Volunteerism is so necessary in these economically challenging days, and there are so many causes to choose from. Find a cause that helps make someone’s life better, and you will automatically feel more empowered in your life.

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