Losing Weight

My battle with “Weight Loss” is over!!!

I’ve tried it all, from Counting Calories, to Weight Watchers, to Slim Fast, to South Beach Diet, to the Cabbage Diet to a 28 year old blonde Personal Trainer and after 51 years of being a yo yo, (mostly upward), I’ve hit the magic number, 300 LBS.

So, during a five (5) hour power Martini Lunch with a new acquaintance (I’ll call him Scott, because that’s his name) Scott turned me on to Bob. From the first contact with Bob, that happened to be over the telephone, after Bob said the magic words “SALAD FILLS YOU UP”, just the suggestion itself kicked off a new life of eating healthy, chewing my food, putting my fork & knife down in-between bites, eating half portions and focusing on positive thoughts relating to being thin. I’m not hungry nor do I desire fattening foods. I’ve also started going to the gym regularly and have tons of energy. I feel like a new person and I’m so relaxed, stress free, that I have also cut down my cigar smoking in half.

While this Hypnotic induced diet has only been a part of me for two (2) weeks, just being able to tie my shoes without being out of breath and now able to fit into clothes comfortably that I was unable to button before, is a miracle. I feel as if I am cured and I intend to be in a position to add to this testimonial in six (6) months with news that I have lost 50 lbs.



Smoking Cessation

After decades of smoking 1 to 1.5 packs of cigarettes a day I decided to make the decision to take better care of myself. I was referred to Bob by my sister who went to see Bob for weight loss. I tried everything, patches, gum, Chantix, cold turkey…etc. Nothing worked, so I figured what did I have to lose?

I was skeptical at first thinking that I was one of those people who cannot get hypnotized. Within a half hour Bob put me in such a deep state of conscious relaxation, and took me to a place where I saw myself as a non smoker. When  I came too, I found that I had no desire to light up. No cravings, nervousness at all. So far I have been 3 months smoke free, I can smell trees, flowers, and I sleep a lot better. If you’ve tried everything to quit like I did, make an appointment to see Bob! Your body and family will thank your for it.

Carl  A., White Plains


Stop Smoking

Hi Bob,

Just to keep you updated – it is now 3 months (as of this past Wednesday) and two days that I am a non-smoker.

What keeps me mainly on track is that I really like the benefits since I became a non-smoker. Money – yes – but more importantly the physical and mental benefits.

I breathe better. I no longer wheeze at night. I have more breath when I sing. I have had check-ups in the last two months and my doctors are extremely pleased with my decision and already see some of the changes.

I have given cards to two of my doctors to use for patients if they want – these two doctors are Dr. G. Polizzi based in Highland Mills, NY and Dr. R. Diamond based in Cornwall, NY.

Just wanted to let you know that, plus I have given cards to others here and there.

In Harmony,

June N.


Weight Loss

My husband and I decided that we would try hypnosis for weight loss, as my husband had successfully quit smoking over 20 years ago through the process.  We each found a potential certified hypnotist on the internet.  After each of us had interviewed our perspective choices, we were convinced that Bob was the right fit for us.

My personal experience is beyond my expectations.  I knew that my anxieties and fears were restricting me from losing weight.  Bob had the insight and knowledge to interview and really get to know me as a person before the hypnosis sessions ever began.

This process has totally “spilled over” into other areas of my life on many levels.  I have seen a change in my entire mental well-being. This process has also improved my pre-sleep and sleeping pattern.  I’m more positive, upbeat and just feel an overall inner calmness in my home life, as well as work.

Bob has given me the encouragement and tools, so that I can go beyond the weight loss process, which I have been successful at to date.  He has encouraged me to look beyond my comfort zone and explore the endless possibilities in my future.

I consider my husband and I blessed to have met Bob and will be eternally grateful for his kindness, wisdom and expertise.


The Hip Hypnotist

I wouldn’t say was a skeptic, I just didn’t think I was capable of being hypnotized and made to cluck like a chicken. I was, however, willing to be hypnotized, which I consider to be half the battle. When Bob assured me his goal was not to have me impersonate barnyard animals, I was very excited to give hypnosis a try. My challenge wasn’t about losing weight or quitting smoking. It was about moving past a failed relationship and being reminded of my inner strength. My session with Bob was incredible. He was so generous with his time, digging deep into discussion before the actual hypnosis session began. Afterward, I felt calm, collected and clear. Two days later, I was back to my old self, but with a new found confidence and clarity that resonates to this day. In one session, Bob was able to unlock something in me. Something that I held the key to, but had forgotten. I attribute just talking with Bob to my successful outcome as much as the hypnosis session. He’s smart, articulate, hip and genuinely cares about people — and helping people — in his truly gifted way.


Overcoming Stress

I was about to face one the most stressful episodes of my  adult life. I had to go before an academic committee to defend my  doctoral dissertation in order to get my PhD. I was scared to death.  After one session with Bob, I was instilled with such  confidence in my presentation, so sure of my recall of my  subject that I passed with flying colors. Bob, through guided  relaxation hypnosis, turned a bundle of nerves into tranquility and  inner strength.

C.A., Ph. D. (Staten Island, NY)


Hypnosis Helps Depression

Bob is a master hypnotist and anyone who has ever gone to see him to stop smoking or lose weight can attest to that.  He’s helped hundreds of people make healthy lifestyle changes.  I, however, had a problem that was much deeper and more challenging. I was clinically depressed and had been for most of my life. Bob’s unique ability to blend his knowledge of human potential, his intuition, humor, compassion, and directness, plus his skills as a hypnotist and life coach proved to be a powerful method that helped me make a profound shift in the way I saw myself. In his gentle, nonjudgmental, but honest way, Bob guided me into experiences of deep self-awareness that ultimately led me to overcome my depression. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for his many gifts.

Rosie R. (Chappaqua, NY)


Quitting Smoking

After having Heart Bypass surgery in August 2005, my doctor advised me to quit smoking immediately. I stopped then, but sometimes I will still have the urge to smoke. My doctor told me to try Hypnosis so I went to the Westchester Hypnosis Center and so far I have completed one session. Even though I only had one session, my urges to smoke have gone away and I am feeling really great. I am really looking forward to my next session.

Randy A.


Surgery Anxiety

I met Bob on February 2009, after I was the victim of a terrible car accident. I suffered from severe fractures of my legs. At the time I met Bob I have had two major reconstructive surgeries. When my orthopedic doctor informed me that I needed one more surgery, because there was non union of the tibia, I became more apprehensive and restless. I decided to see Bob prior to my third surgery in order to relax my self, mind and body. The stress associated with another major surgery was depleting me emotionally and physically. Hypnosis has helped me not only to go through one more surgery but to recuperate at a faster rate than me and my doctor would have ever imagined. Hypnosis has also helped me to face other medical challenges.  Hypnosis has transformed my anxieties and fears into calmness and confidence in me.



Driving Anxiety

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your follow up call. I am doing wonderfully well! When we drove home on those curvy roads I felt zero anxiety. In fact it was the first time I smiled in a car in six years icon smile WHC Testimonials

I woke up and drove to the store the way I used to drive. I have a very quiet, peaceful feeling and look forward to driving to New Paltz as we are headed to Mohonk Mountain.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I look forward to seeing you Thursday upon our return.


Trouble Focusing

I’ve been working with Bob. In a very short time have had amazing results. I went to see him because I had trouble focusing on things I needed to accomplish. Within one session I could see incredible results over what I had been doing.

I have already sent a few business associates to see him and will be sending more in the next few weeks and months.

On a personal note Bob has a great way of being and the best ‘bed-side manner’ I have seen in a long, long time. He was kind enough to follow up with me within 48 hours of our appointment. In today’s `hustle and bustle’ world… it is very rare to find someone that actually cares about his patients or clients. Bob is giving of himself… and a true professional who takes time to help each person understand how hypnosis works and the amazing benefits.

When you can… GO meet with him and learn about the many wonders that can happen in your life.

Steven O.


Train Phobia (Anxiety)

This is a true story. For those who are skeptical about hypnosis and how effective it is in conquering fears and phobias. I’m a 43 year old woman and I live in the Bronx, New York. I’ve had a severe, paralyzing fear of riding the NYC subways, especially after I had experienced numerous panic attacks while riding on the subways alone.

It was the summer of 1996. I was working for a NYC Agency in Downtown Manhattan. One day I began to feel very panicky while riding on the subway. At the time, I was having difficulties getting along with my former Supervisor at work. In addition, I was experiencing some pretty difficult ‘personal’ issues outside of work as well. As a result of the accumulation of stress and frustration, I quit my job which I loved because I was fearful of riding on the subway, especially during the hot summer months.

In February, 2007 I experienced my first excellent, not to mention very stimulating and relaxing hypnosis session with Bob Pargament, a certified Hypno Therapist with many years of experience in the field of hypnosis. Since then, I’ve had two more sessions. In my opinion, I felt the last session was more intense and much more relaxing and effective than the two sessions prior.

My most recent and last session was on Saturday, April 28th. That evening after the session, I felt completely energized and I was ready to confront my biggest fear. I then drove all the way back to the Bronx. I was actually looking forward to experiencing my first subway ride in years. I won’t deny the fact that yes, I was a bit nervous at first. So, I stood on the subway platform at the Parkchester station and I waited patiently for the subway. When the train finally pulled up to the station, I stepped inside and I sat down and rode the subway again for the first time in over 11 years.

I couldn’t believe I was finally doing this! I was in control and I was beside myself. And, yes– I was extremely proud of myself, for I had taken a huge step forward. It was a very important personal accomplishment for me. I’ve been avoiding the trains for so many years because I allowed fear to hold me back from progress for far too long!! This is even a bigger shocker… On Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 I rode the subway AGAIN all the way to Downtown Manhattan and I had my very first job interview in years!!

Wow!! What a great experience that was! Words can’t express how happy I am that I was finally able to do this after so long! Now I know that I can do this and that’s what’s important. I refuse to let fear stand in my way again. I’m going to continue to ride on the subways as often as possible so that I can gain my self confidence again.  I have a great desire to work, fulfill many goals and enjoy all the great things that life has to offer.

Special thanks to Bob Pargament for all his help and support…

Evelyn P. (Bronx, NY)


Courtroom Nerves

I was very nervous the day before my court trial which took two years to get to. Even though I felt comfortable with the truth of my testimony, this was a very anxiety provoking experience for me. I decided that hypnosis would be a good option for my nervous state of mind. Never having been hypnotized before, I needed someone I could trust and I felt possessed integrity, honesty and care for what was a very important event in my life. Naturally, I turned to Bob Pargament.

I have known Bob and know very well that he is a person I can trust completely. Bob, through post hypnotic suggestion, suggested I take a special pen with me to court to hold during my testimony. I did this and felt comfortable, confident, relaxed and completely organized in my thinking during my testimony. I have since dubbed my special pen my “Zen Pen.” I feel grateful that my first hypnotic session was so rewarding in an area that made such a difference in my life.

I look forward to future sessions with Bob throughout my life.



Quit Smoking

Both my mom and I WERE smokers. We were the smokers that said we weren’t smokers and really hid it from everyone in our lives. It was a secret that we kept from most everyone. I had spent the past 6 years trying to quit and my mom has been trying to quit ever since I was a kid – over 20 years.

We have a friend who was a smoker. He chain smoked from the time he got up in the morning until he went to bed at night. When we saw him at a party and he wasn’t smoking, we had to know how. He told us about Bob.

My mom went first and said it was easy, it was as simple as, “I just don’t smoke anymore.” I couldn’t believe how easy she made it sound. I was always so nervous about not being 100% in control or maybe acting strangely with hypnosis. I’ve seen so many movies or shows where the person being hypnotized starting barking like a dog or acted ridiculously under hypnosis. That was MY fear. That does not happen. When my mom went and said it was relaxing and so effective, I knew I had to try it for myself. It was amazing! Bob is the most comforting person. He explains everything to you; what hypnosis is, what he will do, what will happen after. He also says that it’s okay if it doesn’t work right away for me. That made me feel good as there was no pressure. I compare the hypnosis to a deep relaxation where I am fully aware, but very peaceful. I stopped smoking instantly. It was actually extremely easy. I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have major urges or withdrawal. It was as simple as my mom said, “I just don’t smoke anymore.”  It’s hard to explain sometimes to people because it really is that easy to not smoke after seeing Bob once.