Stress Kills

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It’s not easy being a 21st Century Citizen. In these trying times, we are repeatedly being inundated with one frightening event and stressor after another.

From 9/11, to the Great Recession, to the BP oil spill, to this horrific news from Japan and all of the other events before, after and in between, our minds, bodies, emotions and spirit take a pounding which must be addressed via some intervening process to balance and restore us. If you add in the stress of everyday New York City life with the rushing, noise levels, pushing and shoving, we have a real mix of negativity that often throws us off our natural internal balance.

We all know that the phrase “Stress Kills” is more than a mere cliche. It is well understood medically that stress hormones can wreak havoc upon our nervous, circulatory and immune systems. Of all of the processes, technologies and techniques available to us for combating these effects, hypnosis works the fastest and best. It is the essential “tune-up” that our minds require.

By entering the very relaxed brainwave states of Alpha and Theta while in hypnosis our minds rebalance into a calm, soothed rhythm. After hypnosis, I hear the following words from so many… “I have never felt this relaxed in my entire life”. What they also notice is that the calmness is often lasting long after our sessions and that calmness can spread benefits into other unexpected areas of their lives. Some clients have on their own decided to get off of anti-depressants as a result of being hypnotized. They are simply much happier.

A woman who is at the time of this writing coming to me for weight loss, summed up these unexpected benefits beautifully. She told me that in addition to a noticeable diminished change in appetite, she’s not feeling the chronic worry over her child’s well being anymore. She would obsess over her son’s well being as she worried unnecessarily if he was safe. Now the interesting thing from my perspective is that I never gave her a specific suggestion to let go of this nagging fear. It simply happened because the internal mechanism that fed that fear before hypnosis is much quieter. In addition to that benefit of being less worrisome, she also notices a greater feeling of efficiency at work and greater happiness and also sleeps better. More relaxed equals less worry; equals less compulsive eating;= equals better sleep; equals more relaxed!

Think about this for a minute. You take your car in for a tune-up, you maintain your computer, you take your body to the gym, but what about your brain? Hypnosis is the amazing tune up that your brain requires. It feels amazing.

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