Stop Smoking Today!

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smoking cessation Stop Smoking Today!If you are ready to quit smoking, know that hypnosis is an amazing, effective and inexpensive way to make this dream a reality. So many people have successfully quit at WHC, we’ve stopped counting.

For just one $250.00 session or a pack a day smoker’s 3 week cigarette cost, you can finally become healthy by relaxing into a better way of being.

You will not have to worry about lung cancer, emphysema and a host of other smoking related illnesses any longer.

Your breath and clothing will smell fresh once again.

You will slow the aging process- inside and out. Smoking sucks the collagen from your face and causes deep creases.

You will lose that awful social stigma of being a smoker. Smokers are social outcasts these days. Stop Smoking Today!

And of course, how about the cost savings? An average of a pack a day will cost a smoker $3000 to $4500 per year depending on where you live. That’s a year’s worth of car payments, two or maybe more wonderful vacations, mortgage payments…. you get the idea.

And think about this. It is estimated that smoking can shave ten years (or even more) off of your life. So would you pay thousands of dollars to shorten your life span? Not a great deal is it?

And unlike any other process, hypnosis provides you with a feeling of relaxation beyond anything else you have ever known. It lasts long after the session is finished. Call Westchester Hypnosis to begin getting healthy–NOW!

If you call the toll free number 1-800-675-7583 and mention this blog you will receive a 10% discount off the session and it will only cost you $225.00!

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