Stop Smoking in New York City

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Manhattan ny stop smoking Stop Smoking In New York CityIf you are living in or working in Manhattan or any other borough of the city, you know how the tides have turned against public and even private smoking. Smoking is banned from just about every public space you can imagine. Even parks and beaches are becoming smoke-free. Condo and Coop Boards are asking applicants for no-smoking pledges as the second hand fumes invade neighboring spaces. The city is stressful enough without having to worry about your health from this health negating practice.

Society has turned its back on smokers, and this is a good thing in my opinion. When you factor in all of the damage that smoking does not only to the individual smoker but to those within breathing distance, this broader ban is necessary.

It’s not just in New York. Other cities are getting into the act.

I was just in Dublin two weeks ago, and the same no smoking mentality has taken hold on the Emerald Isle. Many other countries are following suit.

When I pass a smoker or group of smokers huddling in the rain outside their workplace (although the law requires some distance), I feel as if I’m watching the last of a breed, who are clinging to a dying habit. (Sad pun intended).

I’m an ex-smoker. I was addicted for way too many years, but I finally quit 20 years ago. I completely remember all aspects of the dirty habit, including the countless rationalizations I made to myself to justify this odd practice. The rational mind has the job of rationalizing subconscious habits, and that’s where hypnosis comes in to save you.

I will talk you through the process and then help you get into hypnosis, the deepest relaxation you will ever know. The relaxed feeling in and of itself can help you walk away from it. But coupled with laser targeted suggestions to the subconscious that cover every conceivable contingency ( smoking after a meal, with friends etc.) you will find yourself indifferent to cigarettes, or perhaps really disliking them.

Whether or not you live in the city, let me help you take back your years, money, self-respect and peace of mind. I’ve helped many more than I can count.

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