Light and Sound Machine

Does the Procyon AVS Light and Sound Machine Really Work?

Procyon AVS Light and Sound Machine Review

One of the most fascinating aspects of modern psychotherapy is the realm of bilateral stimulation. Bilateral stimulation is a general term that refers to techniques and technologies that enhance left and right brain harmony.

We’ve all heard the expression that a person may be left or right hemisphere dominant. It is thought that the left side of the brain facilitates logical thinking, and the right is more creative and more emotional. Interestingly, there are ways to achieve synchronization of these halves. By doing this we can be calmer, happier, and as some very interesting studies suggest – smarter. There are many ways to stimulate the mind into this left/right harmony.
Sadly, few psychologists, psychiatrists or other medical professionals know of these. Once again, in this pharmaceutical, profit oriented society we are given a pill to make it all go away, but simple light and sound may be an answer for many to ADD, depression and other issues. A good machine costs between 150 and 350 dollars.

I first delved into this area 30 years ago when I purchased a light and sound machine, which is also known as a mind entrainment system or audio/visual stimulator. Light and sound machines are devices that use pulsing light and sound to coax the mind into deeply relaxing states called Alpha and Theta. These are specific, measurable ranges that are the same place we go into during hypnosis. Pulsing, alternating light from LED’s on the inside of a pair of eyeglass frames pull the brainwaves into a soothing rhythm as do the two different tones heard through headphones worn simultaneously. Within minutes, the mind stops thinking and clears.

On the better machines, there are different programs that can be used for concentration, memory enhancement, sports performance, meditation or general calming. If you have any history of epilepsy or light induced seizures, consult with your doctor before using.

Many studies show that the increase in synaptic connections that ensues from this stimulation creates higher levels of comprehension and some studies suggest can even reverse some forms of dementia and other brain diminishment issues.
What does it feel like? In a word- wonderful. After 20 or 30 minutes, you feel clear, calmer and maybe even smarter as your brain receives an amazing “tune-up”.

I highly recommend the Procyon AVS Light and Sound Machine