New Yorkers, Improve Your Golf Game With Hypnosis

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In spite of the myriad attractions that Manhattan has to offer, world class restaurants, museums, parks and so much more, one glaring deficit is the absence of a golf course. Yes, you can drive balls at Chelsea Piers, and there’s probably miniature golf somewhere indoors in the Big Apple, but no golf course. And I’ll bet that many Manhattanites would feel that their world was perfect if someone would only add 18 holes in a beautiful green somewhere in the city. But reality being what it is, most city dwellers are heading out to the burbs to get their golf cravings fulfilled.

So whether you live in the city or not, you should know how helpful hypnosis can be for your game. Hypnosis allows any athlete to play in “the zone”, and thereby perform to his or her highest ability. I have hypnotized many golfers who reported back to me after their hypnosis that they shaved five to ten strokes off their game. You read that right- 5 to 10 strokes off. New Yorkers, Improve Your Golf Game With Hypnosis

By virtue of having been hypnotized a few days or even weeks before they played, their minds were quieter which allows the “mind-body” computer to perform to its maximum. There is less chatter so the internal mind “program” can run static-free. The swing is much more fluid, head stays where it should be and the rest is personal best history. I’m not saying you are going to win The Masters, but you will play better than ever, so feel free to put a few bucks down on yourself. Chances are that you will have a lower score and a fatter wallet.

In addition to golf hypnosis, I have helped athletes in baseball, football, basketball,bowling, track and field, billiards, archery and tennis. Some have come to me just before a competition and “kicked butt” as they say. I think they only sport I haven’t hypnotized for is curling.

Give Hypnosis a go. You will play out of your head and be “in the zone”.

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