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I’m often asked by clients before we begin our first session whether I use a swinging watch to induce hypnosis. I don’t, but I could.

The fact is that there are countless ways to hypnotize someone. A person can be hypnotized with a simple handshake in what we call a pattern interrupt induction, we can induce with ringing bells, pulsating light, a person can even hypnotize themselves by daydreaming. As a hypnotist I prefer what is called a progressive relaxation induction. Inductions

I simply have you relax through diaphragmatic breathing,followed by some muscle relaxing, then clearing the mind a little and there you are, in blissful relaxation so you can quit smoking, or start dropping pounds or accomplish any other goal. It’s easy to enter this state.

There are instant and rapid inductions that take place in a few seconds.

The point is that there are many ways to go into this state, and that means that there is an induction for everyone. For very analytical people we have inductions that accommodate them, and for the opposite type of person, we have the progressive type, or some other kind.

Everyone can be hypnotized, so treat yourself to the best mental tune-up of your life.

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