Hypnossage, Combining Hypnosis & Massage Therapy

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I have been very fortunate to become friends with a terrific massage therapist in Ridgefield Connecticut.

His name is Rob Young and his massage talents are legendary. The name of his business is Move2Wellness and he has other massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, and aromatherapists, and even psychics on staff at his location in Fairfield County.

After I did a hypnosis session with Rob, and he experienced the amazing benefits of our session, we got to thinking how wonderful it would be for us to team up and combine our approaches to health in one program. This brainstorm gave rise to a new program called Hypnossage and is the ultimate in mind- body relaxation.

After a hypnosis session your mind feels so zen-like, so clear and smoothly functioning, Imagine the synergistic effects of a great massage that profoundly relaxes every nerve, muscle and fiber in your body. So if your goal is to quit smoking or lose weight or achieve some other positive goal for the betterment of your life, you can now address the mind-body connection with Hypnossage.

You will walk out of this double zen experience a new, revived, relaxed and happier person…

You can book a session in Ridgefield at Move2Wellness by calling them at 203-403-2522 or The Westchester Hypnosis Center at (914) 488-4766.

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