Hypnosis & the Power of Now

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Hypnosis & The Power of NowIf you haven’t read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I strongly recommend doing so.It dovetails with hypnosis perfectly This book in my opinion is one of the greatest works that addresses how we think and how we can improve our thought processes. It is a users manual for the human mind.

Because we are always swimming in our internal dialogue most of which is superfluous chatter , most of us don’t realize the anxious nature of those thoughts and feelings. In powerful and unambiguous writing, Tolle gets us to step outside of our heads to better hear the chatter we generate.

The mind is a thinking machine that if left unattended, will prattle on endlessly. By letting that happen without self-intervention, we miss the “Now” which is the only real moment for us to live in. “You are not your mind” is one of Tolle’s quotes that really grabbed my attention. How simple yet profound. It is true that we identify our self with the act of thinking incessantly. This becomes the water we “swim” in and those thoughts are often ego oriented or anxious fretting about the not yet realized future. Often they are regrets which are about the past. Either side takes us away from Now which is the only true moment in which to live, when peak experience occurs. Obviously we need to think in order to survive, but incessant thinking distracts and aggravates us.

What does this book have to do with hypnosis? Everything as I see it. Hypnosis by definition softens the chatter. It quiets the internal dialogue with a blanket of calmness that allows one to feel much more in the Now.

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