Hypnosis or Happenstance?

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I’m not one who norBistro SK City Island New York 300×200 Hypnosis or Happenstance?mally engages in beliefs that transcend the natural and go off into beliefs about other planes of existence, but I have to say that my beliefs are transforming as I’ve seen too many inexplicable things occur in my own life and the lives of others before my eyes that I cannot easily explain away. Call it synchronicity, happenstance or something of a psychic nature… I don’t know. What I do know, is that these “coincidences” occur with greater frequency after I do self-hypnosis. I believe hypnosis smooths out the wrinkles in our thoughts and allows the mind to receive more intuitively.

Here is a case in point. Something so phenomenal occurred last Saturday evening of March 26, 2011, that I am still stunned by what transpired. This story is 100 per cent true and may be the one that tops my “coincidence” . If one were to try to put a number of probability on this, it might range in the tens of millions to one?

I was on City Island in The Bronx and about to enter an Italian restaurant with some friends. Upon entering, the maitre’ d told us that he had incorrectly recorded the reservation and that there would be a long wait for our table. Unwilling to wait that long, we walked a few doors down to a new, small French restaurant we had passed on the way and decided to give it a try.

It is called BSK, shorthand for Bistro Stephane Kane, the name of the French owner. Stephane (pronounced “Stef-fahn”), greeted us , chatted and then took our order. After this wonderful gastronomic experience, as we were about to leave, one of the party asked what part of France he hailed from. At first he mentioned the region Alsace Lorraine and then when asked for more geographic specifics, he mentioned his home city, Metz.

I know only 4 or 5 people alive in all of France and they happen to live in Metz a city of about 125,000 people. There in Metz live my cousin Bernard, his wife Monique and his two sons and their spouses. Taking a chance, I mentioned Bernard’s full name and as I did, Stephan’e jaw dropped. With eyes welling with tears, he said, and I quote, “He is my father”.Bistro SK City Island New York2 200×300 Hypnosis or Happenstance?

Stephane had been adopted by my cousin Bernard, his wife Monique and his sons Alain and Serge when he was a homeless young man. He literally thinks of Bernard as his father and Alain as his brother. In a state of shock and disbelief, he pointed to a photographic portrait of my cousin Bernard in his signature hat on the wall (the only photo in the entire restaurant). This was Stephane’s tribute to my cousin Bernard.

An experience like this one usually comes once in a lifetime, and luckily for me, it has been one of a number. This one however, takes the cake.

Lesson learned? As a result of this small episode of bad luck at the first restaurant and the subsequent change of venue, my life and Stephane’s life changed as we discovered new family. A small upset led to a tremendous gain. Go with the flow.

Stephane and I sit down to a meal together as cousins tomorrow night. What does this all mean? Is it about God, or angels? Is it just fate and how the cards play out? ESP? Or nothing….. Not sure about that last one. I continue to try to be logical, but my logic may be giving way to something new….

P.S. If you would like to have a fantastic French Meal please visit Stephane’s BSK at 273 City Island Ave 10464, City Island Bronx, NY (718) 885-1173. The food is amazing and you may just get an amazing dessert of good luck. Bon appetit!

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