Hypnosis & Memory

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Hypnosis & MemoryAlmost everyone has had difficulty retrieving a memory at some time. Perhaps it’s trying to recall the name of someone you are seeing at a party. You know the face for certain, but the harder you try to bring the name up, the harder it becomes to get the name. Or maybe it’s as everyday as trying to remember where you last placed your keys. The harder you try to remember the worse it gets.

When we try too hard to recall, we are jamming the hard drive of the mind, the subconscious where long term memory is. It feels the anxious overload and freezes essentially. And what usually happens is that after that person walks away after the awkward avoidance of not using the name in conversation, and you stop trying to remember the name or whereabouts of the lost item, it pops right up! Why? Because the pressure is off the subconscious and it can relax and retrieve the info. Hypnosis & Memory

Police Departments and the FBI have long used hypnosis to help witnesses recall crime scene or accident details. Sometimes a person may have seen a license plate or face and that person didn’t even know it. With forensic hypnosis those hidden aspects wash up on the shores of the conscious memory and that can help solve the crime.

I have had people hire me to recall repressed memories, find lost jewelry and many other things.

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