Hypnosis in Medicine for Anesthesia and Healing

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Many people don’t know this, but hypnosis is absolutely amazing for producing analgesia and anesthesia. One can actually “turn off” their awareness of bodily sensations while hypnotized and have procedures done pain- free.

In the United Kingdom, hypnosis is used more extensively than it is here in the US. Why? I believe that our American “pharma” culture leads us toward a chemical answer as this approach is heavily promoted to the medical establishment and the general public. At one time, and currently in some American dental and medical schools, hypnosis was part of the curriculum.

The reason that hypnosis should be at least partially integrated into our medical mindset is that anesthesia can produce serious allergic reactions. It has been said that most complications result from the anesthesia not the actual surgery itself. Hypnosis can reduce the need for those chemicals.

At the very minimum, we can use hypnosis to calm ourselves before and after a procedure. It has been shown that fear and stress hamper our ability to heal quickly after surgery. Conversely, it has been shown that the deep state of relaxation that hypnosis establishes can actually speed healing. I have worked with cancer and other patients to accomplish faster healing, overcome the effects of chemotherapy nausea, for irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain and many other issues too numerous to list here.

If you don’t find watching surgery online too uncomfortable take a look at this YouTube video by clicking below…



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