Hypnosis in Fairfield and Rockland Counties

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Hypnosis in Fairfield and Rockland CountiesJust a reminder. Hypnosis works wonders for weight loss. As summer bbq season begins, you may want to immunize yourself to excess immediately.

People are calling with greater frequency than ever before to shed that excess weight. Here are some real examples of recent client weight loss stories. You can do this too at either satellite office at Move2Wellness in Ridgefield, Fairfield County Connecticut or in Nyack, Rockland County NY, or of course my base office in Harrison, NY Westchester County.

S.Addicted to Coke- “A sweet-tooth” for colas.

S.was addicted to coca cola for 20 years with a six pack a day or more habit, this very pleasant woman needed to shed thirty pounds. The1000′s of calories in regular coke or liquid candy as I call it, were making it impossible for her to lose weight. “I can’t stop drinking this stuff” she said.

After one session her addiction ended. For the first time in decades she has zero interest in coke. Zero. She actually keeps a six pack in her fridge to feel her amazement at how disconnected she is from it now. She looks at it and laughs at it. And now as her caloric intake is tremendously reduced she is starting to thin down. In the next few sessions I am retuning her to healthy salads.

Another S. just came in for her first session last week.

Thinking that she couldn’t be hypnotized (hah!), she cannot believe the change in her appetite.

After going to her her favorite Chinese restaurant after our first session she had to push her plate away as she could only eat half of her normal meal. She just couldn’t eat any more. She has already begun to shed pounds.

She will be at her weight goal in three weeks, I predict.

Call my number on this page to book a session now. Just 2 of many, many successes.

You will look great very soon.


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