Hypnosis for the Small Business Owner

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I was honored to be a guest speaker at the Ridgefield Connecticut Chamber of Commerce this week in Fairfield County. This speech was one of the best that I’ve given as the attendees asked so many interesting questions of me. The turnout was terrific thanks to Chamber Director Marion Roth.

Perhaps the best one of all was the one that asked me to explain the difference between meditation and hypnosis. My answer is that hypnosis is essentially meditation with an agenda.That is to say, that both processes get the mind into a more suggestible state of deep relaxation, but hypnosis conducted by a skilled hypnotist will tailor suggestions that will help you achieve your specific goals with carefully crafted messages using words, color, sound and your own power of imagination. To get the most out of that relaxed state one needs a good tour guide.

Meditation on the other hand if done alone can be very therapeutic, but the attainment of depth is not as easy flying solo as when there’s a “guided relaxation” hypnotist to get you to your objective (losing weight, smoking cessation etc.).

In a single hypnosis session, a person can reach levels only reachable by meditators after years of practice. Hypnosis s faster, deeper and more goal specific.

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