How Hypnosis Can Help You Forget a Broken Relationship

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hypnosis forget a broken relationship How Hypnosis Can Help You Forget A Broken RelationshipOf the many issues we hypnotists address, I find “forgetting a broken relationship” to be one of the most intriguing. Many people want to drop the obsession with an ex-partner after finding that the lingering love or perhaps resentment at that person is interfering with their ability to move on. For some, even after breaking up, their love or anger never dies and if left unchecked this might create depression or lasting vulnerability. After all, we invest tremendous amounts of time and passion in a long term relationship, and there are probably millions or billions of neurons and circuits that have been fired and imprinted from that love.

I like to use a combination of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to get a person past those debilitating thoughts. NLP, also known as waking hypnosis uses language, and the way we process information to change the way we reference that person. With NLP we can see that person in a less distinct manner and further away, so the memory becomes less intrusive. We can also tap into more empowering memories that give us a lasting feeling of control over the past relationship and future ones.

One woman who recently came to me for this issue, had a particularly vexing situation as the guy she was trying to “wash out of her hair” was a co-worker she saw every day. Through NLP and a hypnotic process of visualization called “Cutting the cord” she was able to alter her reaction to this man. We’ll call her Sylvia for the purpose of confidentiality, and she said, ” Upon seeing him at work the day after our session, I felt much less emotionally vulnerable toward him and had little reaction if any to him. I was able to hold the good memories and thoughts, but I wasn’t feeling controlled by emotions any more.”

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