Circular Diaphragmatic Breathing

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Circular Diaphragmatic BreathingOne easy way to relax that is completely free of charge and works very quickly is to simply breathe deeply. It takes just a minute and can make a good deal of positive difference to your mental and physical health. Breathing slowly and deliberately in a circular pattern works very well. It quickly calms the mind by balancing the body’s chemistry. It also helps the lymphatic system do its work of purging toxins . It’s called Circular Diaphragmatic Breathing.

Whenever we are in any state of upset, particularly in a state of agitation, heart rate and breathing may become faster and shallower.

With this process you can regulate your respiration when you want to calm down or just achieve a state of relaxation. Use it to relax away fear and possibly some physical discomfort. Of course if the discomfort persists see a doctor.

Here’s how you do it:

Sit erect in a chair, back straight, arms and legs uncrossed. Close eyes.

Take 10 or 12 breaths . Count each breath silently to yourself.

Breathe in through the nose slowly and fully, while comfortably expanding the stomach. Feel the diaphragm move. Inhale and smile, breathing in optimism and energy. Smiling actually releases soothing neurochemicals. Circular Diaphragmatic Breathing

Slowly breathe out through the mouth exhaling fear and negativity. Feel the stomach deflate and as you ready to inhale again, feel your mind clearing by seeing a clean white canvas or wall, or even less.

Place upon the canvas an image of you doing something powerful and positive.

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