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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on Move2Wellness BlogTalk radio show, hosted by the amazing massage expert Rob Young.

The show, was an interview with me about hypnosis. I spoke of the many misunderstandings that surround this modality, i.e. stage hypnosis and the notion that it is mind control (not true), that secrets can be extracted from subjects (not true). We also discussed the medical benefits of hypnosis and the many applications that it has.

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Hypnosis and massage go hand in hand in a new program at Move2Wellness. A massage session is followed by an hour of hypnosis. This is the ultimate relaxation and can help people quit smoking, lose weight and overcome anxiety.Think about how entranced you feel getting a massage, and then think about how natural the transition into hypnosis is. We call it Hypnossage the perfect blend of mental and physical relaxation.

Rob has created an amazing facility at Move2Wellness. He offers a variety of massage techniques with his multi-faceted staff and acupuncture too with the talents of Coleen Olphie, There’s also Melissa Merendino who is a woman of many talents including psychic abilities, healing talents and she’s even a master of Tibetan singing bowls.

You can call Move2Wellness to book hypnosis or massage or both in a Hypnossage session.

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